Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati



[Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati's publications on Terqa]



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2007 Urkesh and the Question of the Hurrian Homeland (with Giorgio Buccellati)
1997 “Terqa”, in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology (with Giorgio Buccellati)
1996 “Terqa”, in J. Turner (ed.), The Dictionary of Art (with Giorgio Buccellati)
1986 “Sealing Practices at Terqa”
1985 “Terqa and the Kingdom of Khana” (with Giorgio Buccellati)
1983 Terqa: The First Eight Seasons (with Giorgio Buccellati)
1983 “Figurine and Plaques from Terqa”
1981 “Miniature Art from Terqa 1700 B.C.”
1978 Terqa Preliminary Reports, No. 6 (with Giorgio Buccellati)
1978 “Tall Asharah-Terqa”
1977 “New Archaeological Harvests from Syria” (with Giorgio Buccellati)
1977 The Terqa Archaeological Project: First Preliminary Report (with Giorgio Buccellati)
1977 Terqa Preliminary Reports No. 4 (ed. with W. Shelby)
1977 Terqa Preliminary Reports, No. 3 (ed. with W. Shelby)
1996 "Seals in Ancient Mesopotamia and Seals of God in Revelation", RTLu 1 (1996), pp. 79-100

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