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[Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati's publications on ceramics]

jar with snakes

[A jar with snakes from Mozan]

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2019 “Urkesh Ceramic Evidence for Function and Emulation Processes”
2016 The Urkesh Ceramics Digital Book
2010 “Mozan/Urkesh in the Late Chalcolithic Period”
2009 “Urkesh Ceramics from the Palace Area” (with J. Omar)
2008 “Using Image Analysis Software to Correlate Sherd Scans in the Field” (with other authors)
2008 “The Ceramics of Urkesh: Statistics for a Browser Edition” (with Giorgio Buccellati)
2007 “Middle Euphrates Ceramics in the Third and Second Millennia: a View from Terqa”
1973 The Excavations at Korucutepe, Turkey, 1968-70: Preliminary Report, Part III

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