Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati



[Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati's publications on Caucasus]


[At the Dmanisi excavations]

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2018 “Urkesh Insights into Kura-Araxes Social Interaction”
2016 Georgia: Paese d'oro e di fede
2007 “Urkesh and the Question of the Hurrian Homeland” (with Giorgio Buccellati)
2005 “Urkesh and the North: Recent Discoveries”
2004 “Andirons at Urkesh: New Evidence for the Hurrian Identity of Early Transcaucasian Culture”
1990 “Trade Metals in the Third Millennium: Northeastern Syria and Eastern Anatolia”
1979 “The Outer Fertile Crescent Culture”
1974 The Early Trans-Caucasian Culture (PhD Thesis, Chicago)

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